Searching for the latest discounts on a variety of products in the Darsad

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Searching for the latest discounts on a variety of products in the Darsad

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Darsad is for easy and fast access of users to a variety of goods, services, coupons, a variety of services, etc. which include discounts. Or have a lower price in comparison with similar samples.

You can make your discounted purchases from Darsad by installing its application on your mobile phone, and you can also benefit from its interesting features by visiting the Darsad site.

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Darsad system specifications

  • Easy to use and usability through various platforms including web and mobile (Android and iOS).
  • Easy access to a variety of goods and services, including discounts on reputable websites.
  • Possibility of defining the warning system through notification by the user to inform about the discounts of the desired product or service.
  • Automatically tracking last minute and ending inventory discounts and notifying users.
  • Ability to determine the rating for a product or service based on users’ views by analyzing user comments in other stores and service sites.
  • Ability to determine rankings for stores and service sites based on their users ‘views by analyzing users’ comments.
  • Ability to compare a particular product in several online stores and search by price and rank (product and store).
  • Providing dedicated pages for different occasions such as Christmas, Halloween and… to filter and offer special discounts.
  • Ability to link analytical content and reviews from news sites to related products or services.
  • Ability to review the data of all products and services through business intelligence and data mining and analysis of various offers. To provide products and services with better quality services and lower prices to users.

Darsad platform features

The main goal of Darsad is to become the most complete reference for discounts so that users can have access to all their goods and services with the lowest price and best quality.

Darsad intelligent system by collecting information from online buying and selling markets and conducting data mining and business intelligence operations on them intends:

To introduce the best and cheapest goods and services to its users by creating a direct relationship between supply and demand.

In this system, suppliers who have better function and have a higher rank from the users’ point of view will be given priority to offer to users.

In Darsad there are various facilities that make the environment completely user-friendly and people can easily do their shopping with the lowest price.

Features and capabilities that are available in Darsad include the following:

تمامی فروشگاه های دارای ای نماد در درصد
دسته بندی محصولات در درصد

Product categories:

All products are in their respective categories in the provider store. You can prepare your requested product by specifying the desired category, including mobile phones, clothing, home and kitchen appliances, etc.

Possibility of buying from the desired stores:

Darsad displays a list of discounted products from various stores that have an electronic trust mark. Therefore, there is the possibility of choosing the store you want and buying the related products after reviewing.

Possibility of choosing from the most visited category:

The products of each category that have the most visits and purchases are in their respective categories and in the most visited section. This feature allows you to select the best and most popular product in the desired category easily.

Possibility of viewing the latest products:

The latest discounted products of each store are displayed separately.

Possibility of searching for the product name:

In order to find the desired product easily, there is the possibility to search by name.

مشاهده پر بازدیدترین ها و آخرین محصولات دارای تخفیف در درصد
جستجو انواع محصولات در انواع دسته بندی ها در درصد
نمایش محصولات فروشگاه ها به صورت های مختلف - فیلتر نحوه نمایش محصولات
امکان فیلتر کردن قیمت در سامانه درصد

possibility of sorting the products based on how they are displayed:

You can sort this by: newest, most visited, highest discounts, lowest and highest prices.

Possibility of filtering the products by price:

Price filtering is one of the most important features that should be present in stores. With this feature, you can find the desired product in your desired price range, without the need to examine all products one by one.

Products screen

By selecting your desired product, you will enter the relevant page, where you can:

  • See different photos of the product along with its full name.
  • See the real price and the discounted price.
  • You can see similar stores that have discounts for the current product. This feature allows you to buy your product from the cheapest store.
  • Similar products are offered at the bottom of the page.
  • You can see the full technical specifications, reviews and explanations.
  • If you wish, you can move the product to the marked list for easier access.

Features of user profile

After registering and logging in, you can view the following items by entering the profile section:

  • Shown list: You can move the products you want to easily access to this section by showing them.
  • Change Password.
  • Change user profile setting.
  • Sign out of the user account.
  • Change profile picture.

Other Darsad features

Clicking on the 3-line icon at the top right will show new menus, each has interesting features like:

  • Special discounts: You can see the list of special and new discounts in this section.
  • Stores: Find the list of all reputable stores in this section.
  • Contact Support: To provide any comments and suggestions, contact us through this section.
  • Program update: You can download the latest version of the program from this section.
  • About us: For more information on how we work, see this section.
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