Suburban transportation system Hamrah Logistics

Suburban transportation system Hamrah logistics

Suburban transportation system Hamrah logistics

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Freight transportation has always had many complexities and has been one of the problems that many of us have faced.

Going back a bit, until a while ago, you had to look for someone who had a suitable car like Nissan junior or a pickup truck to transport your cargo, or if the pickup truck or Nissan junior does not respond to your cargo volume, you had to contact the shops that provided cargo transportation service and after general discussion and providing explanations about your cargo volume, origin and destination, you had to submit your request.

But today you are no longer limited to the previous methods to do this, and you can use the online service with logistics in the form of a platform, that can be run on mobile phones or the web platform to request your car and transport your cargo.

This system provides you with many possibilities, in addition to transparency in calculating the price and pricing method, it provides you with the ease of registering a request appropriate to the volume of your desired cargo, determining the origin, destination, cargo insurance, and so on.

Hamrah logistics has:

  1. Special application for the applicant.
  2. Special application for the driver.
  3. And the Send management panel

Applicant application features

You can use Hamrah logistics to send your shipments to different cities. This program works very smartly and makes intercity transportation easy for you. In this program, it is also possible to track and check the sending status.

Sender and recipient addresses

Determining the origin and destination

Determining the origin and destination is possible from the map, which can be done simply by a simple search.

Adding selected addresses

It is possible to add selected addresses. Having a list of custom addresses eliminates the need to specify addresses each time a shipment is sent to that destination on the map.

اضافه کردن آدرس های دلخواه برای ارسال برون شهری
انتخاب مقصد برای ارسال های برون شهری
امکان تعیین مشخصات مرسوله - ابعاد - وزن - تعداد
امکان انتخاب محل بسته در ارسال های بیرون شهری - ترمینال - درب منزل

Selecting the place of package delivery

Once the origin and destination, i.e. the sender and receiver of the consignment, are specified, the place of delivery of the package must also be specified.

For suburban transportation, package delivery is possible:

  • In the terminal.
  • And at the door.

Shipping specifications

The next important thing to consider in suburban transportation is the specifications of the shipment:

  1. What is the weight and size range of your package?
  2. How many packages are there to send?

After specifying the above two items, the shipping cost will be determined according to the origin and destination, if you approve, it will enter the next step.

Completing the order

The exact information of the sender and receiver is specified in this section.

Then additional information including:

  1. Need or no need for package shipment.
  2. Premium increase.
  3. And provide a discount code if possible

You will be asked.

Finally, you must specify how to pay the fare.

مشخصات اضافی برای ارسال مرسوله با همراه لجستک - پرداخت کرایه
وارد کردن آدرس فرستنده بسته و دریافت کننده مرسوله
گزارشی از ارسال مرسوله های انصرافی
گزارشی از ارسال های درون شهری مرسوله

Report Posts

The posts section gives you an overview of the status of ongoing, terminated, or canceled posts.

This section shows you the status of sending packages.

It also shows you the date, ID and cost of all shipments in one place and provides a general report.

Financial section and profile of the applicant Hamrah logistics

Financial section

In this section, you can increase the credit of your account by using the credit card.

Profile section

In this section, it is possible to view personal information and edit it if you wish.

Also in this section you can see your credit rating.

تکمیل اطلاعات پروفایل همراه لجستیک
در بخش مالی اعتبار خود را افزایش دهید - همراه لجستیک
دریافت نوتیفیکیشن در اپلیکیشن درخواست دهنده همراه لجستیک
امکانات کلی همراه لجستیک برای ارسال بسته در بیرون شهرها

Additional features of Hamrah logistics applicant

The three-line symbol at the top of the program provides you with the following features:


How would you like the information to be sent to you:

  • Receive shipping information via email or SMS.
  • Receive invoice information via SMS.
  • Voice notification and receiving messages simultaneously.

Contact us.

Send identifier code.

About Hamrah Logistics.

And exiting the app.

Driver application features

People who have a suitable vehicle and have the possibility of intercity traffic, can use the Hamrah logistics application and deliver the request packages to the recipient at the designated location.

Set notification and driver status

Changing status

In the driver program, it is possible to change the status to available or out of reach, where the driver can choose a mode for himself.

Setting notifications

Drivers can activate the program notification in order to be informed in time of the request to send the package:

  1. Notification via phone shake.
  2. Voice notification.
امکان تنظیم نوتیفیکیشن برای رانندگان
امکان تغییر وضعیت راننده در همراه لجستیک
ارسال های فعال راننده حمل و نقل برون شهری
گزارشات کلی از حمل های برون شهری راننده

Report Posts

Active Posts section

Provides a complete report of all active submissions to the driver and can change status:

  1. Get the package up and running.
  2. Delivery depending on the cargo of origin.
  3. Back depending on the origin.

Shipping Reporting Section

In this section, the driver can view the report of all performed shipments as well as returned shipments.

Additional features of Hamrah logistics driver.


In the map section, the driver can find the exact address of the recipient and travel the best route to deliver the package to the recipient.

Contact the leader

It is also possible for the driver to make contact with the driver.


In this section, you can complete your information.

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