Comprehensive training of foreign languages in Manamo

Training of foreign languages in Manamo

Training of foreign languages in Manamo

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Manamo is one of the best foreign language learning applications developed by the Hamrah Samane’s experts with the latest programming technologies. In this way, it has been tried to meet all the educational standards that are based on M-Learning mobile phones, in order to provide a suitable platform for teaching foreign languages.
No matter what type of smartphone you have, you can easily use our program and improve your language anytime and anywhere with just a few minutes a day.
Click to download the Manamo app from Google Play.
In addition to language training, Manamo has provided a platform where you can receive cash and non-cash prizes beside learning. For earning these rewards, you have to gain points
In the following, we will explain the way of receiving points, weekly lottery and converting points into prizes, and we will introduce you the features and facilities of the program.

For using Manamo’s facilities, you can also refer to Manamo’s website.

سایت مانامو

How to earn points in Manamo

Earning points through the following ways can double your chances of winning:

  1. By watching promotional videos daily, you can get 40 points.
  2. If you watch the video and audio educational content completely, you will get 20 points.
  3. Buying a subscription to Manamo allows you to benefit from all the available features and content, and in addition, you will be the owner of 500 points.
  4. Posting an educational comment will get you 15 points. The posted comments should be in a way that doubles the educational level of the published material.
  5. If you introduce the program to your friends and encourage them to install the program, you will receive 250 points.
  6. Supporting Manamo and helping us to be seen better by registering a 5-star rating in the market where you downloaded the application will give you 60 points.
  7. Support us by joining Manamo Telegram channel and Manamo Instagram channel and get 70 and 80 points respectively.

Items that turn to green indicate that you have scored them.

کسب امتیاز برای قرعه کشی مانامو
به دست آوردن امتیاز برای کسب جوایز هفتگی مانامو

Manamo weekly prizes and periodic lottery

شرکت در قرعه کشی های دوره ای مانامو
جوایز هفتگی مانامو

Manamo has also planned prizes for you, in addition to teaching a foreign language.

You can increase your chances of winning by earning the points mentioned above.

Every week, Manamo will award prizes to the top 10 who have the highest score:

Each person will receive double the amount of cash based on the points they have collected.

It should be noted that by earning points, in addition to receiving prizes, you can also participate in periodic lotteries organized by Manamo.

To participate in the periodic lottery, you should:

Increase your points and increase your chances of winning with each 1000 points.

The prize of these lotteries:

 3 power bank devices for 3 people and other prizes.

Turning points into rewards

In Manamo, you can convert your points into prizes. So try to get more rewards by increasing the points.

The rewards you can earn by giving your points include the following:

Getting Manamo subscription by converting points:

  • With 200 points, you can get a 1-day subscription.
  • 500 points can get you a 7-day subscription.
  • People who have collected up to 1000 points can convert these points into a 1-month subscription.

Receiving non-cash rewards by converting points:

  • Snapp discount codes.
  • Digikala discount codes.
  • And other our partner’s special offers
مانامو یادگیری ماندگار
تبدیل امتیاز به جایزه مانامو

Now it’s time to introduce the different parts of the program. Read the following article carefully to know about the facilities and interesting features of Manamo.

Learning grammar and vocabulary with videos and photos

In order to learn tips, Manamo uses relevant and attractive videos and photos that are completely leveled (elementary, intermediate and advanced) and also appropriate classification is considered for them.

For example, you can choose a movie or a photo with the topic of your choice, such as: animation, restaurant and cafe, television and cinema, introduction and greeting, music video, excursion and travel, short story, shopping for clothes and clothes, job and lifestyle and other topics.

اضافه کردن لغات به جعبه لایتنر
ویژگی فیلم و عکس های موجود در مانامو

Features of the video and photos available in Manamo:

By choosing the movie and photo you want, you can read the tips related to it. In addition to the subtitles that are shown to you when the movie is shown, English and Farsi explanations are also placed under each photo and video, and you can see similar items at the bottom of the post.

The possibility of sharing and downloading is included in this program. Also, under each post, you can put educational comments related to the movie and like the post if you are satisfied.

In the upper right part, there is an icon that you can move the post to the displayed list so that you can easily access the post if you want to see it again.

Transferring new words to Leitner box:

In the English description section for photos and videos, you can click on a word that is new to you. By clicking on the word, a window will open for you where you can check the pronunciation of the word, read more examples about it and if you want, transfer the word to the Leitner box.

Leitner box section

One of the most attractive and practical sections included in this program is Leitner Box. It is very easy to work with and it makes you remember the words better and review what you have learned.

The way to work with the Leitner box is that you transfer the new words to the first box. To see the items, touch the Leitner option box, which is placed in the lower part of the program.

When you enter leitner box:

At first, you will see the word in English, which you can see the meaning of the word by clicking on the option (tap to see the answer).

After seeing the answer, you will see two options (I knew, and I didn’t know), and the way these two options work is:

  1. If you select that I knew option, the word will be moved to the next box.
  2. If the choice is I don’t know, the word remains in the first box.

In both cases, you will not have access to the word for a certain period of time because it is part of leitner’s rules. (For more information about how this section works, you can click on the question mark icon)

دیدن معنی لغات ذخیره شده در باکس لایتنر
نمایش لغات در جعبه لایتنر
اضافه کردن لغات دلخواه در لایتنر باکس
پنج جعبه و یک جعبه آموخته ها در جعبه لایتنر

The difference in the performance of the leitner box one to five

All the other boxes have this function and the only difference is that if you select I don’t know, the word will return to the first box. All the learned words are placed in the fifth box at the end, and by going through all these steps and sending the words to the last box, which is all your learning words, you ensure that the words are placed in your long-term memory.

Features of Leitner Box section

In this section, you can add words that:

  • You will come across them in the videos and photos, which were explained to you above.
  • You can also add your favorite word by touching the plus button.

In this section, you can prepare a backup version of all the words in one place.

Additional messages section

At the top of the program, there is an envelope that allows you to access additional messages. When sending additional messages, the program automatically informs you by sending a notification.

Meaning of additional messages:

It is an educational and useful material that the supporter sends you for free and it expresses small and significant points that may have been paid less attention to. In this section, you will see frequently used words, terms and other such cases.

Appearance characteristics of additional messages:

Additional messages sent have appropriate titles that express the topic of discussion well. In addition to the title, the messages have a date, and whether the messages have been read or not are indicated by an icon that is green and red, respectively, and placed on the left side of the message.

Features of the additional messages section:

Among the very interesting possibility that is considered for this section is the possibility of sharing the submitted content. There is a sharing icon on the top right, by touching it, it is possible to share on various social networks, e-mail and things like that.

In this section, you can transfer any new word to the Leitner box.

توضیحات ارائه شده در بخش پیام های اضافی
پیام های اضافی مانامو - نکات کاربردی

Dictionary section

انگلیسی به فارسی - فارسی به انگلیسی - دیکشنری
دیکشنری انگلیسی به انگلیسی مانامو

A very useful part that is included in Manama is the accompanying dictionary. The dictionary provided for you has more than 30,000 words with meaning and pronunciation, and it is also possible to add them to Leitner box.

Dictionary includes search as:

  • English to Persian
  • Persian to English
  • English to English

Profile section and additional features of the Manamo


At the bottom of the program, there is a profile section that shows general information and a general description of your performance.

  1. In this section, you can edit your name and photo.
  2. View the remaining time of the purchased subscription and renew it if you wish.
  3. Your transactions, published content, downloaded, featured and rewards are also visible in this section.
  4. You can also use this section to change the password and log out of the account.

Other facilities of Manamo:

By touching the three lines on the top right, you can access more features, including:

  • Category: By pressing this button, you will see all the categories in one place.
  • My books.
  • Store: In this section you can get 1-year, 3-month and 6-month subscriptions.
  • Settings.
  • Downloaded.
  • Shown: If the desired video and photo are shown, they will be displayed in this section.
  • Rules.
  • Publication of educational content: In this section, you can also share your photos and educational videos with us.
  • Rate the app: Support us by rating.
  • Contact with support: In case of any questions, suggestions and criticisms, you can contact us through this section.
  • About us.
  • Sign out of the account.
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