OxinChannel’s comprehensive foreign language teaching system

Learning foreign language with OxinChannel

Learning foreign language with OxinChannel

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The extraordinary speed of scientific progress in all fields in recent years has made the need to communicate with an international language a basic need in people’s lives more than ever.
Now a day, mastering an international language in addition to facilitating communication with other cultures, it is an important way to get the most up-to-date information which are generally published in the form of written or visual documents in English on the Internet.
With regard to the ever-increasing use of mobile phones, the specialists of the Hamrah Samaneh company have produced an effective platform for teaching English by using the most up-to-date programming technologies and by examining the best educational standards based on mobile phones (M-Leaning).
This platform provides a safe and practical environment for all producers of language teaching content to provide the best services to their users by using this platform.

سامانه جامع آموزش زبان های خارجی اکسین چنل
قرار دادن دروس آموزش مناسب سطح شما به صورت روزانه و هفتگی

Click to download the OxinChannel application from Google Play, which is available for Android users.
IOS users who want to download this application can click on these links to download the OxinChannel application from Apple App.

To use the facilities, you can also refer to OxinChannel website.

سایت اکسین چنل - آموزش جامع زبان های خارجی

Selecting the desired level

برگزیدن سطح و ثبت نام در دوره آموزشی
انتخاب سطح مناسب برای شروع یادگیری زبان

In OxinChannel, in order to benefit you more from the courses provided, appropriate leveling has been considered. You can benefit from our training classes by choosing the level you want and paying a very reasonable amount, and you can easily improve your language in a short period of time.
After selecting the desired level and before paying the amount, you will be given additional information that if you want to receive the course training, you can go through the rest of the steps by pressing the registration button and receive the training regularly.
If you are not satisfied with us, you can request a refund of your registration fee within 7 days of using the program and receive the full amount of your payment.

Providing training courses according to your chosen level

After registering for the training courses of your desired level, the features of the program will be activated for you automatically, and you can receive the training programs on a daily and weekly basis.
All the lessons presented are accessible in the archive section, and if you wish, you can also review the lessons of the previous weeks. You can also download all the provided content.
With OxinChannel, experience a different educational pleasure in a completely user-friendly environment. This program is suitable for all smart mobile devices and is easy to use.

امکان دانلود تمامی دروس ارائه شده
آرشیو تمامی دروس ارائه شده طبق سطح انتخابی شما

Educational videos on OxinChannel

ویدیوهای آموزشی زبان
آموزش زبان با فیلم

Video content is one of the most effective and important parts of education in educational methods.
The video content in the educational structure of OxinChannel is based on M-Learning global standards and under the license of the European Education Association, and all the requirements and limitations of the media are taken into account in its production.

Vocabulary training exercises

In these exercises, an effort has been made to teach the user the most accurate pronunciation by focusing on the correct pronunciation of the words by playing the pronunciation of the words in the voice of native teachers and matching the user’s pronunciation with the broadcasted voice.
In addition, the placement of images related to each word along with the Persian translation has provided conditions for users with less proficiency to be able to obtain appropriate basic information about each word.

آشنایی با لغات زبان های خارجی کاربردی
نمایش تصویرهای مرتبط با لغات جهت بهتر به خاطر سپردن

Focus on performing practical sentences

جملات پر استفاده در زبان های مختلف خارجی
آشنایی با جملات پر کاربرد زبانهای خارجی

Sentences in any language are the smallest meaningful prepositions to convey concepts and interact with others.
In these exercises, an effort has been made to gradually increase the user’s confidence in making meaningful sentences by repeating the practical sentences that are often composed of the words taught in the vocabulary section and matching the pronunciation with the pronunciation provided by the teacher.
Increasing the power of expression along with vocabulary mastery will be an effective step in teaching listening and speaking skills.

Try to choose the correct option

In these exercises, which is one of the most common forms of presenting questions in every test, the effort was made to provide user-friendly access by providing practical and simple access.
In these questions, this feature is provided so that the question designer can record the text of the question or the answer options in multimedia form (text, image, audio and video).

برگزیدن واژه مناسب برای جای خالی
پر کردن جای خالی با کلمه مناسب

Sorting jumbled sentences

جمله صحیح بعد از مرتب کردن کلمات به هم ریخته
مرتب کردن جملات در هم ریخته برای ادای صحیح جمله

Sorting jumbled sentences is one of the practical exercises in the field of increasing skill in the correct use of words in the structure of sentences.
In the design of this exercise, an effort has been made to provide a simple and practical space for the exercise so that the user can learn a foreign language better in a completely suitable and attractive environment.
By doing this exercise, you can significantly increase your sentence making skills. While doing this exercise, by pressing the help button, you can get the necessary instructions and use it to complete the sentence correctly. Then check your answer by clicking the check button and remember the appropriate structure of the sentence.
Carrying out this exercise will be an effective process in the process of consolidating foreign language education.

Writing exercises

The ability to write in a foreign language, (Writing) as one of the main language teaching skills in the structure of the platform presented in a smart combination with listening skills (Listening) has been implemented so that this skill is also permanently established for the learner.

نوشتن هر آنچه که در فایل صوتی به گوش میرسد
گوش دهید و بنویسید

Comprehension exercises

پاسخ به سوالات درک مطلب
درک مطلب - متن همراه با فایل صوتی

Understanding content in the form of text, image, video and audio is another important skill in teaching foreign languages, which is always asked as a key question in every language test. This skill is one of the basic indicators in determining the degree of mastery of the learner on the dimensions of the language being taught.
In the designed platform, reading comprehension is presented in a completely intelligent way with the ability to present various types of multimedia content.
At the end of the presentation, you can test all kinds of content-related questions in the form of true and false, multiple-choice, written questions, and language learner information.

OxinChannel tutoring service

In addition to standard and practical exercises, the presence of a lecturer who is proficient in the practical aspects of a foreign language can be the best supplement for an educational service.
The specialists of the company have provided a platform so that the language learner can establish multimedia communication with the teacher in a safe and practical platform. This space provides all the features of a two-person chat room with the ability to create multi-person groups and one-person educational channels with an attractive and practical appearance.

Help and about section of OxinChannel

To get more information and know how OxinChannel works, you can get very comprehensive information by referring to the help section.
The information that can be accessed in this section includes the following:

  1. Comprehensive guide to use the program.
  2. Getting to know the features of Live Box.
  3. Getting to know how to support users.
  4. How to register guide?
  5. How to change the level?
  6. How to do daily exercises?
  7. How to benefit from private and online teacher classes.
  8. And much other information that you can get by referring to this section.

Also, in the about section, you can get very comprehensive information about how we work and see the site address and Telegram channel address. Besides, if the software is updated in this section, you can download the latest version of the software.

بخش راهنمایی جامع و چگونگی استفاده از اکسین چنل
بخش درباره ما جامع اکسین چنل