Pardis delivery management software

Pardis delivery management software

Pardis delivery management software

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Pardis delivery management software is a powerful tool for managing shipments of an economic workshop whose main activity is selling and sending goods.

This software can assign the sending method:

It has post, courier, Tipax, etc., and depending on the city or the sales and delivery branch, it gives you the possibility to implement your desired solution in a mechanized manner according to the ability of the delivery method.

Description and overview of Pardis delivery management software

قوه انبارداری سیستمی - نرم افزار پردیس ارسال

One of the most prominent advantages of this software is the warehousing power of the system, where you can know your inventory online and in real time and assign each warehouse to the product you want.

The mechanization of the storage system is one of the things that are very pleasant for the managers of this business and they are well aware of the advantages of having it.

The Pardis delivery software allows you to do all the following, for example:

  1. Inventory of a particular item.
  2. Branch warehouse of a particular city.
  3. The performance of a particular user.
  4. Receipts separately online or pay on site.
  5. And so on.

Get individual, person-by-person or overall reports and find performance discrepancies in real time.

Systematizing sales and delivery conditions has multiplied the accuracy of an economic workshop, and on balance, it will lead to significant cost savings.

Functions of Pardis delivery management software

کارکردهای نرم افزار پردیس ارسال مرسولات
  • Registration of all types of goods with their details (weight, color, contents inside the package, etc.).
  • Allocating each item to a specific warehouse or branch for shipping.
  • Registering the order to be sent as a group or separately (in the core of this software, you can use it as a sales software and manually register the order and send it).
  • Registration and selection of various ways of sending goods (sending by mail, courier, Tipax, etc.).
  • The possibility of choosing a payment method (online, on-site, etc.).
  • Applying a percentage discount or a certain amount to the customer’s invoice.
  • Determining the level of user access, different sending branches and other sub-category units.
  • Checking the status of the goods at the moment (which status is the goods in: registered, suspended, sent, received, canceled, etc.).
  • And so on

Reporting from the Pardis mail sending software

  • Reporting of correspondence (by post, courier, etc.).
  • Report on the performance of individual users, marketers, sellers and users of the submission system.
  • Detailed financial report of individual sales, separate, city, branch and everything that is needed by the management of the collection.
  • Report on the shipment status of specific goods or all goods.
  • Report on the status of sending all messages of a day, month, and year.
  • Report on the sending status of a specific branch or all branches.
  • A detailed report of the stock of a specific product in a specific warehouse or a report of the stock of warehouses by product, etc.
  • And so on.
گزارش گیری از ارسال مرسوللات با پردیس

Distinctive features of the Pardis mail sending software

ویژگی های بارز پردیس نرم افزار ارسال سفارشات
  • Extensive management of the software, which includes the management of different departments such as: products, users, branches, currency, warehouse, etc.
  • Determining the access level of each user (the software management determines which items each user can access and interfere with. For example: The warehouse user can only access the invoices that have been approved for shipment, print them and prepare them for shipment, and change the product from the pending option to the ready-to-ship option in the system.
  • Sending a manual or system text message to the customer at different stages of sending (the text sent by management or user access can be edited and written as desired. For example, you can send a text message with the following content: Dear Mr. Irani, your item has the specifications of an educational package is yellow and the price is 1000 Rials with a weight of 1234 grams).
  • Batch entry of information (instead of using several users, you can get the help of a typist, prepare the information in the form of an Excel file and transfer the information to the sending software in a batch. This will speed up your performance due to cost reduction.).
  • Searching for a shipment item from a pile of shipments (you can find it at different levels by having only one of the customer’s registered information and view the shipment status. For example: with the customer’s phone number registered in the system, You will search for his name among the courier messages and see the status of his goods and remove the obstacles).
  • The possibility of detailed or partial reporting (some of which were briefly mentioned in the reporting section).

Advantages of using the Pardis delivery system

  • The possibility of errors in registration and sending will be minimal and ultimately zero.
  • Mechanizing the registration of an order to all stages of receiving, sending and delivering to the customer.
  • Accelerating the performance of the economic unit and providing conditions for growth and development.
  • Registration and maintenance of all order invoices.
  • Ease of use and easy use of the software (full Farsi language).
  • Preventing any possible theft of warehouse inventory, wrong reporting, even unintentionally.
مزایای استفاده از سیستم پردیس

Communication with other systems

ارتباط با سایر سیستم ها توسط پردیس ارسال پست
  • The ability to communicate with all sales software through web service and the ability to coordinate and adapt.
  • The possibility of establishing a completely compatible with the “automation of telephone sales management” design of the Hamrah Samaneh Pardis system, based on sharing in the design group, many features and terms of use are readable and coordinated.

Security in Pardis delivery software

Today, the most important factor in a collection of safe storage of data and information is functionality. It is very difficult to find trusted users who are responsible for preparing reports.
Therefore, considering the importance of this issue, the management person can prepare special reports or determine access levels in such a way that specific and limited people have access to confidential and financial information.
The entry of the software requires a username and password, which each user can change according to his own taste, and thus even ordinary and limited level users cannot access the system of their colleagues.
On the other hand, the access level of the levels is completely in the hands of the management and the user cannot access all the information. Therefore, it is almost impossible to leak or steal information, whether internal or external.

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